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Off-Airport Rental Car Fee Increase in Hawaii

Hawaii LegislatureThe Hawaiian Islands legislature recently passed House Bill 1039 that places a daily $7.50 surcharge on all rental vehicles, regardless of where they are rented. Previously, this surcharge was added only at airport car rental sites. The off-site surcharge is now, also $7.50, up from $3.00.

In the past, rental car customers could save themselves $4.50 per day by renting off-airport, in such places as resorts and in-town sites. The legislature, in an attempt to lessen their budget woes, proposed the surcharge be the same in all rental car locations.

While this may seem nit-picky to visitors, who have no recourse in rental car fees, the additional $4.50 per day will generate $60+ million for Hawaii. Who among us doesn't want to see Hawaii thrive?

The additional monies will be allocated to the Aloha State's general budget that is currently experiencing a serious shortfall. More good news is that this is only a temporary fix, largely necessary because of the downturn in Hawaiian tourism, and will end June 30, 2013.

While an option to save vacation dollars has been removed for visitors to the Hawaiian Islands, an upside is that fewer tourists also mean less-crowded beaches. That sure seems worth the extra $4.50 per day!

Article written about the new rate hike:

For govt. details of HB1039:

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