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Why We Rent Cars, Nothing Else
by Sharon Harrison

We rent vehicles in Hawaii-- nothing else. To some, this philosophy may seem to be a simplistic business model. We don’t think so. While other “big box” websites offer lodging, flights, entertainment etc. we are able to focus solely on each customer’s car rental needs. Numerous customer responses have taught us that we have happy customers.

When our customers submit an Aloha Rents Reservation Form, it goes directly to a real person sitting in front of a computer. Using software designed just for the form, our reservations specialists pore over each request to determine the best and most affordable major car rental company for that customer. Often, the price will be less than our published rate charts.

What determines “best and most affordable”?

  • Age of the drivers
  • Number of drivers
  • Country of residence
  • Dates and time of arrival and departure
  • Island location
  • Length of rental period
  • Specially requested needs of the customer

Surprisingly, the major car rental companies aren’t all alike. They offer varying advantages that a Hawaiian vacationer may not be aware of. And, although our reservations specialists treat each request individually, they handle a great many requests daily. They are up to date on seasonal rate changes, differing young-driver breaks, multiple-driver discounts, as well as the all-inclusive rates needed for international visitors that each of our major rental car companies offer us through pre-negotiated rates.

Customers who rent their car through Aloha Rents reap other benefits as well.

  • Our negotiating energy is focused on rock-bottom priced car rentals
  • Our rental companies respect our 12+ year partnership, resulting in benefits besides price
  • We have neither interest in, nor can we benefit from, storing or passing on customer data
  • Personal credit info is never requested until our customer is in Hawaii at the rental counter
  • Customer satisfaction, the key to our longevity, is our goal with every rental request we receive

Give Aloha Rents a try. Our no-obligation Reservations Form is easy to fill out and submit. We ask for just enough information to secure you, our customer, substantial savings on your rental vehicle.

We love Hawaii! There are so many wonderful things to do and see on every island. We hope that the rental car savings we offer will allow your vacation budget to go farther than you planned, and contribute to a perfect Hawaiian experience.

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