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Insurance for Car Rentals
by Sharon Harrison

Car rental insurance options1Often we believe that our insurance, whatever it is that we have, will always provide needed coverage, without really understanding our policy itself or, that policies significantly differ.

2The temporary policy that you purchase through a major car rental company will be different than the one that’s included with the credit card you use for your rental. Your personal homeowners policy will differ from those.

3And, for travelers from Europe, insurance is vastly different in the United States than what you are used to at home.

At the time you receive your rental confirmation from us (AlohaRents.com), you’ll be given the name of the national rental car company with whom you’ll be renting (Enterprise, Alamo, Thrifty, Dollar, Budget, Avis).

We suggest you visit your chosen rental company website to read through their insurance policy requirements. If you have an interest in purchasing an insurance policy we recommend checking rates or get a free quote for Jeep or car rental insurance for any Hawaiian island.

Check your homeowners and auto insurance policies, or call your insurance agent, to determine whether you are covered while you are driving a rental car. Make sure that they cover repair/replacement of the rental car, liability, and collision, as well as bodily injury to yourself, your passengers and others that could potentially be victims in a collision.

For those of you coming from another country, U.S. insurance is very different than what you have at home. Please be sure to check your appropriate insurance policy to see that it covers you and your rental car while in America. Our all inclusive car hire is an option for international travelers.

And, should you opt for it, please read your travel insurance policy carefully. We have learned recently that some travel insurance may not fully cover, or may place restrictions on, your sporting activities, such as scuba diving and water skiing (really???).

And, as always, you’ll see all your rental car charges when you choose to rent a vehicle with AlohaRents.com. The car’s price, all state and local fees and taxes will be sent to you when you receive your rental confirmation. Only if you add amenities and/or rearrange your rental confirmation at the rental counter in Hawaii will you find additional charges in the invoice you’ll pay when you return the vehicle.

Whatever you decide to use for insurance, simply be knowledgeable about your insurance policy’s coverage, and then go, have fun in the sun. Hawaii awaits!

Remember: Do your research and make a decision about insurance before you depart on your trip. Consider using our service to rent a car for your next trip to the Hawaiian Islands.

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