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Discount Car Rental Request for Honolulu



We have a Boy Scout Troop travelling to Oahu in June for 2 weeks. We will need transportation for 16 boys and 4 adults while they are touring the island. We would like to reserve 2 – 12 person vans on the following dates…

Pick-Up at Honolulu Int Airport on Thursday, June 19th – our flight arrives at approximately 2:35 pm
Return to Airport on Sunday, June 22nd at approximately 6 pm

Pick-Up again at airport on Saturday, June 28th as early as possible in the morning
Return to airport on Wednesday, July 2nd at 7:30 pm

The boys and leaders will be at Summer Camp from June 22 – 28th so we will not need the vans during that time. It is critical that we be guaranteed two 12-passenger vehicles because of the number of people we have attending. Is it possible to have the reservation guaranteed? Also, do you know if there are any “cargo” or trailer type vehicles that we could rent to transport the boys’ gear? Each boy will be traveling with a footlocker so transportation on the van will be very crowded with the boys and their footlockers.

In addition, we have several families traveling with the Scout Troop that are interested in renting vehicles as well - specifically, 2 mid-size/large (SUV type) vehicles. These families will keep the vehicles during the entire trip (June 19th – July 2nd).

We saw Honolulu car rental rates on your web-site for 12 passenger vans for $90/day each and SUVs at about $62/day. Are there any other payment options since we are a Boy Scout Troop – such as sending you a check right now for the reservations or is a credit required? Also, is there any additional discount available since we are renting so many vehicles and we are a non-profit group?

We appreciate your time to look into this request and look forward to your response.



We quickly called and returned multiple rental car quotes for this group. They jumped at the opportunity to save more than they thought. We check rates at the time you submit and often find rates that are lower than those posted on our website. Contact us for your next trip to Oahu.

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