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Why We Like the Benefits of Free Extra Driver
by Sharon Harrison

Happy extra driverThrough personal experience we learned that having an additional driver named on our rental car contract adds flexibility to our vacations. We were among those who thought we'd never need an additional driver allowance and certainly didnít want to pay more for our rental car because of, what we thought was, an "unnecessary perk".

However, we've changed our minds and now think itís a great option. And, because the additional driver is offered at no additional cost, we highly recommend that you also take advantage of AlohaRents.com's ability to offer you a car with the advantage of a free extra driver. Even if you are a couple who plans to spend all your travel time together, the unforeseen can make that additional driver option a real benefit.

We regretted having only one driver on our rental car contract when we were traveling with an elderly relative. The relative fell, and needed medical care. With only one of us able to drive the rental car, it fell to one person to drive to Urgent Care, then run to the pharmacy and, on returning to our lodging, stay with the patient in case further medical transportation was necessary.

Our second experience occurred when we shared one rental car with good friends while vacationing at a large resort. The men wanted to golf while the women wished to visit the beach on the other side of the resort. Again, because there was only one name on the rental contract, the men (carrying golf clubs) generally stayed out longer than the sunbathers, so they took the car. The ladies could get a ride out with the men, but walked, or relied on resort transportation to get back home from the beach. It was obviously not a serious problem, but altered the mens' concentration on their golf game.

Who can predict when a 2nd driver will be necessary, but why not take advantage of it, just for the possible opportunities it gives you? Obviously, in a medical emergency, it's good to have an extra driver. But, for everyday practical purposes, that second driver may just want to pop out to grab a tube of sunscreen on Kauai, or wish to share the driving on The Big Island. The additional driver benefit we provide through AlohaRents.com is primarily beneficial because it offers freedom-- for free!

Additional drivers will need to present themselves at a rental counter, with driving license in hand. This can be done simply when the car is first picked up, or even later at a compatible rental counter, any time before that driver takes the wheel.

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