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Drinking and Driving in HI
by Sharon Harrison

Hawaiian Springs Water

Like every U.S. state, Hawaii has strict laws regarding drinking and driving. Licenses can be lifted and vacations will be ruined if you drink and drive. You can easily Google DUI laws if you care to know what is considered "legally intoxicated".

We strongly recommend that you refrain from drinking alcohol if you’ll be operating a motor vehicle on a road or in the water. Yes-- there are laws for motor craft too.

Although some states do not have open container laws, Hawaii has fairly severe ones. If you are transporting a previously opened alcoholic beverage, it must be carried in the trunk of your rental car.

It is illegal for passengers and drivers to consume alcohol in a vehicle. Although, as an aside: Alcohol is served to passengers on cruise boats.

Another law that may surprise you: Alcohol is not legal on beaches. Beachside bars require their customers to keep drinks within the bar area.

Because of a concern for underaged drinking, providing alcohol to a minor is a serious offense in Hawaii.

Have a great time in Hawaii, but please don’t think that “laid back’ allows relaxed state laws for drinking and driving.

Enjoy your travels!

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