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Choosing the best Hawaiian Lodging for you
by Sharon Harrison

Choose your lodging in the Hawaiian IslandsDeciding where to stay on the islands should be done with careful consideration. Before you book a room and then a rental car and a plane flight, we recommend that you take time to analyze your visit to Hawaii. Staying at your best place will make your visit in paradise even more rewarding.

We’ve discovered that each vacation, as well as each traveler, is unique. On our initial Hawaiian visit, we opted for a high-rise beachfront hotel in the heart of Waikiki. Eventually, we visited all the islands, getting a more intimate experience with each trip. When we discovered the advantages of renting condos from their owners, we felt we’d found our perfect Hawaiian lodging. But, recently, in another part of the world, we vacationed in a luxury resort. On those tiny islands we opted to enjoy lodging with every amenity included onsite.

What will your visit to Hawaii be?
  • Is this an adventure vacation?
  • Are you on your honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary?
  • Perhaps you plan to meet new friends here,
  • Or party with long-time friends.
  • Are you bringing your kids?
  • Is this a family reunion destination?
  • Some of you will mix business and pleasure during your stay.
  • Others visitors are simply wishing to get away from winter.
  • And, many will want to be surrounded by serene luxury.

Once you know the basic itinerary for your Hawaiian stay, then you can consider where you’d like to stay. Are you a birder? If so, you may opt for low-rise accommodations with gardens. Surfers often want their waves nearby— and always at an affordable price. Partiers want nightlife, while retirees hope for quiet.

Here are several lodging accommodations for you to consider. Each type of lodging has its benefits.

Hostels, once known only to backpackers, are a low-budget option for individual travelers, as well as groups, who are willing to share sleeping quarters and bath facilities with others. Hostels are generally centrally located, with amenities that may include free parking, kitchens, Wi-Fi, book-sharing, lockers, laundry, and air-conditioning.

2Bed and Breakfasts provide the ultimate experience for those who like to visit with other travelers in a comfortable and homey atmosphere. Better B and B’s will provide a real breakfast that includes delectable island taste treats-- more than a biscuit and coffee. Some homes have lanais for sunning, pools to dip your toes in, and lush gardens for added enjoyment.

3Motels in Hawaii are often set back from beaches or located near airports. Motels provide many arrangements, from bare-bones style to very comfortable rooms. They offer a less expensive way to stay in the islands. Motels most likely will require a rental car. For travelers who plan to spend no time in their rooms, this is an option that saves money for adventures and eating out.

4Hotels, from high-rise cubes to elegant beachfront historic accommodations, offer concierges, pools, eateries, gift shops, covered parking and a host of other pleasant additions to lodging. For first-time island visitors, a concierge can become the friend who elevates your vacation from a comfy beach chair to surprising and extraordinary experiences.

5Resorts can be basic beach-side lodging, or all-inclusive getaways that include golf, tennis, multiple watersports, spas, furniture-to-clothing shopping, and luxe restaurants. When researching these, you’ll want to review the amenities. Perhaps you enjoy golf, but your other guests do not. Visit several resort websites to find a perfect destination that caters to everyone’s interests.

6Condominiums are available throughout the Hawaiian Islands. There are high-rise options as well as remote settings-- and everything in between. We like the personal contact we get when we rent directly from condo owners. With fully equipped kitchens and outdoor grills, condos let visitors enjoy the islands’ farmers markets. Rental car parking is generally very handy too.

Resort FeesAs you book lodging, be aware that Hawaii relies on tourist dollars. Travel fees, that have become common practice elsewhere in the travel industry, are here also. Hotels and resorts often add a fee that you may not have expected. At these locations, you should be prepared to pay Resort Fees that are added to your invoice at checkout. These fees may include amenities such as in-room coffee and rental car parking that you used, but you can also be charged for pool or exercise facilities that you didn’t use. The big-box online travel websites generally do not list these surcharges in their prices. And, yes, we agree: Fees are unfair! But, don’t let them ruin your, otherwise perfect, visit to the islands. Have a look at "resort fees Hawaii" online and you’ll be prepared for them.

Remember: AlohaRents.com does not charge hidden fees for car rentals.

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