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Navigation Units are Now Available

Thrifty and Dollar will be the first in Hawaii

Both Thrifty and Dollar rental cars have inked deals to provide navigation systems for their car fleets. User will be able to use included mobile coupons that are linked to "Points of Interest" or POI's. The coupon codes are actually available through the navigation terminal.

Hertz offers the units in the continental United States. The combined islands have a total of 58,000 rental cars, of which 50,000 are in use on a daily basis. This breakthrough will help drivers find filling stations before running out of gas or find a bite to eat.

Rental is based on availability of units. Ask at the rental desk when picking up your vehicle. Approximately ten dollars per day. Also ask if they have any special offers at the rental desk. Often, you can get a deal for a weeks rental.

As of 2016, most renters are using their smart phones for rental car navigation. This works well when you have a decent cell signal.

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